Welcome to Pre-Service Training,

We are pleased you are interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent. There are many reasons why children need to live with a foster family. They may be victims of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or maltreatment, or their parents may be unable to care for them due to their unique circumstances. Traumatic events and the separation of children and youth from their parents make it difficult for children to cope.

The FIRST curriculum has trauma-informed strategies woven throughout, giving you the latest parenting skills and techniques available. These skills and techniques will help you to work effectively with children and youth in care.  Foster and adoptive parents need to work in partnership with family services workers in the child welfare agency and other professionals in the community. Additionally, parents may also work with the birth families of children in their care.

When you complete FIRST, and are licensed as a foster home, you will become a member of the professional child welfare team. We will continue to provide you with training and support to further your education. You will constantly be learning how to improve your skills and increase your capacity to care for children from difficult circumstances. It is vital that you feel comfortable reaching out to others who can provide support, such as a family services worker, your Resource Peer Mentor (RPM), and other foster parents.

Fostering Idaho and your training team are a part of the Family Resource & Training Center (FRTC).  The Center has a strong history of providing an array of services and support to our communities and foster and adoptive families. We also believe that providing ongoing training, coaching, and mentoring for our foster and adoptive parents is essential to your success.

We are excited to join you on this journey!


Fostering Idaho Training Team

Before your initial class, please complete the pre-survey.  Your FIRST trainer will give you access to each of the self-reflections below.  You are welcome to contact your trainer with class specific questions by responding to their emails.  We are here to assist you with any other needs through the Contact Us button below.

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FIRST Self Reflections Session 1 | Foundations

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FIRST Self Reflections Session 2 | Attachment


FIRST Self Reflections Session 3 | Trauma-Informed Parenting

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FIRST Self Reflections Session 4 | Grief and Loss


FIRST Self Reflections Session 5 | Considerations

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FIRST Self Reflections Session 6 | Healing Home