I am a Kinship Provider

Training in this section focuses on helping prepare families to become licensed foster parents for a kinship placement.  Below are the steps in the process:

    1. Complete the Reasonable Prudent Parenting Standard (1 hour);
    2. There are two First Prerequisites to choose from, one for general families or one for kinship/relative families (2 hours). Complete only one of them.  Once you have completed these two steps, you will be directed to the site where you will choose which FIRST class you would like to attend.  Register for FIRST class; and
    3. Attend FIRST class.

Additionally, we have two more resources: a one-time meeting to address the specific needs of our kinship families, Kinship Parenting Meeting, and our video, Building Resiliency for Kinship Families .

You can register for the Kinship Parenting Meeting  by clicking “Continue Study” under Kinship Parenting Meeting.  To start the Building Resiliency for Kinship Families, click “Continue Study” to view the video.

Access with Quick Registration

1. Reasonable Prudent Parenting Standard


2. FIRST Prerequisites for Kinship Families

This course is designed for Kinship families who already have a connection with the family or child you will be fostering.

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Kinship Parenting Meeting Registration and Evaluation


Building Resiliency for Kinship Families Video